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Jayne Design Studio

Read the transcript of The Washington Post online “Live Chat” with Thomas Jayne

Published 03.12.19

Thomas answered reader questions during an engaging online Q&A session on March 14th.

We are delighted to share an edited transcript from the March 28th print edition of The Washington Post of Thomas Jayne’s “Live Chat” with Jura Koncius. (Originally conducted online on Thursday, March 14, the text from the full one hour plus session can be read here.)

The weekly Q&A has been a regular feature of the paper for more than 20 years, allowing readers to submit their interior design related questions to the week’s chosen designer (recent responders have included Bunny Williams, Carolyn Roehm and Martha Stewart). The questions posed were varied and fun, ranging from how to make traditional style work today, to a discussion of what colors and objects speak most to Thomas. One such question was what color would he choose if he had to live with one paint color for the rest of his life– he replied, “a cell with one color? If that is the demand then [I] opt for a Godly and heavenly blue…..” And, when asked what he and Edith Wharton have most in common, he responded that she “looked carefully at interiors as a reflection of personality and I do too. However, I might be a nicer person.” For these and more unique observations, click into the full conversation.