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Jayne Design Studio

Mitch Owens and Thomas Jayne talk about Anglo-American style today in a podcast for “The AD Aesthete”

Published 02.18.20

Listen to the ways that Anglo-American decoration from the past informs the work of the noted decorator and scholar — without losing its anchor to the present.

In the latest edition of “The AD Aesthete” podcast series, Mitch Owens, Decorative Arts Editor at Architectural Digest, sits down with Thomas Jayne to talk about the beauty and comfort of the Anglo-American tradition, and why it still matters today. Sharing insight learned at Jayne Design Studio, the decorating office Jayne established over 30 years ago, he also makes clear that those traditions need to be seen and applied with a modern eye in order retain their meaning and vibrancy.

Mitch Owen’s introduction sets the stage:

Interior designer, writer, historian, and scholar Thomas Jayne may be devoted to traditional design, but as his rooms and books clearly show, the results are decided unstuffy. Of many decorators who hold high the torch of Anglo-American style, he prefers to bring its classicism into modern times, injecting it with vibrant colors, unexpected juxtapositions, and an inventive sense of frolic. Tradition not only can be taught new tricks, it demands them! I hope you enjoy our chat.

The podcast can be heard on itunes, Spotify, or most available podcast platforms by searching for AD Aesthete.