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Jayne Design Studio

Revisiting a house in Fire Island for “A Textile to Dye For” in Mansion Global

Published 06.04.20

Our Girl’s Room opens a story about the way a simple technique for patterning and coloring textiles can add so much depth to a room.

This piece celebrating tie-dye textiles in decorating opens with a bedroom we designed for a teen in a summer cottage on Fire Island. The bedspread, of course, is the attention-getter here, and confirms the article’s premise that as a “visual expression of happiness in fabric form, tie-dye, in all of its Technicolor glory, is the kind of mood boost we need now.”

Thomas contributes a few key observations about how to work with these vibrant graphic designs:

“A limited palette immediately gives tie-dye more refinement, says Thomas Jayne of Jayne Design Studio in Manhattan; “it also makes it seem like there’s an intentional design that has a repeating pattern.”

“While it may be uncommon for tie-dye to be treated as high art, applying it in a way that suggests this, such as using a large tie-dye panel as a contemporary painting of sorts, would make an impact, Mr. Jayne says.”

“Tie-dye is a statement in and of itself, so I don’t think you need much to draw the eye in,” Mr. Jayne says.”

If you would like to see more about the house, see our post about it in our projects section.